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What’s in a name? Well, when it’s the name of our company, the answer is quite a lot. Sabal Group may be tricky to pronounce if you’re not from the Carolinas. The official South Carolina state tree since 1939, the Sabal palm (pronounced SAY-bull) is a treasured icon. One of many palms native to the state, it has figured prominently in our history and iconography.

The Sabal palmetto is credited with the first victory of the American Revolution. Fort Moultrie (named to honor it’s first commander) on Sullivan’s Island was commissioned to protect the harbor and city of Charles Town. Begun in March of 1776, the unfinished fort, commanded by Colonel William Moultrie, survived its initial battle with the British. On June 28, 1776, over the course of nine hours, the two completed sides of the fort absorbed the impact of the cannonballs instead of shattering. That famed fort was made of just palmetto logs and sand.

That major victory is one reason why the Sabal palmetto is the central icon on the South Carolina flag, an integral part of the state’s seal, and the official state tree. To Carolinians, Sabal palms convey a sense of resourcefulness and heritage. This durable palm bends without breaking, is drought-resistant, and has thrived along our coastline for centuries.

Sabal Group is firmly rooted in South Carolina. And like our namesake, Sabal Group represents the best our state has to offer. We understand the relevance of history as we look to the future. By recognizing what is fundamental and what is fad, we help our clients by providing the most trustworthy and cleanest data possible. We value the power of information.

If your organization needs to find more of the right qualified and motivated people to hear your story, we hope you’ll think of Sabal Group. Like our favorite resilient palm, we think you’ll discover our team is the right one to help you weather the storm of data that can overwhelm your marketing team. By relying on Sabal Group’s expertise, your sales team can stay focused on closing the deal instead of worrying about where you'll find the next qualified lead.

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