what we do

Sabal Group leverages digital data to provide you with the right information you need to make the best decisions. Working with an extensive and experienced team, we begin each partnership by listening carefully to the challenges you’re facing and the questions you need answered. Pulling from a wide variety of information sources, we deliver results and strategies you can put into action immediately.

Strategic Marketing Data

Reaching the right audience who is ready to learn about what you offer requires clean and accurate strategic marketing data. Sabal Group develops custom lists using a wide variety of criteria to ensure accurate data. Our team’s deep list-building experience allows us to leverage many data sources in order to do a detailed scrubbing of the data. This detail-driven process ensures we deliver a target list reflective of a qualified audience and, ultimately, the strongest results possible. That means your team receives a realistic and robust list of clean data. And when the data is right, you can count on better results.

Omni Channel Marketing

Once your ideal customer is identified, the key to success lies in connecting with them multiple times and through multiple channels. This keeps your brand top of mind when your customers are ready to make a decision. From traditional direct mail to targeted digital marketing across every device, Sabal Group will work with you to ensure your budget, timeline, and best practices work together to produce responsive and effective campaigns.

Sentiment Surveys

When you need to know exactly what people think and believe, a carefully curated survey of your target audience can deliver results. Don’t just guess about what a group knows or doesn’t know. Sabal Group uses targeted digital ads to drive viewers to a neutral website in order to collect sentiment data about issues affecting your brand or social issues. We’ll ask the right questions, clean the response data, analyze it and present the results in an easy-to-understand and visual manner.