who we are

Sabal Group is a Charleston, SC-based technology company dedicated to partnering with decision-makers who understand the power of having the right information before taking action or making decisions. We value the thoughtful collection, management and analysis of data and the importance of delivering the best information possible. Our talented team of writers, engineers, data scientists, marketing professionals and experienced project managers work in concert with our clients to ensure custom solutions to meet their specific needs. From determining political sentiment to identifying your best audience, Sabal Group leverages the power of raw data and transforms it into ready-to-use information.

Maribeth Jenkins - President

Serving a key leadership role for Sabal Group, Maribeth is passionate about building long-term relationships and partnerships. Her passion fuels her commitment to following through on promises, which explains why she and a close friend have met every day at 5am for a mix of exercise and conversation for more than 10 years. Her passion for developing solutions—inbound and outbound—in the senior living, healthcare, and marketing industries is just one reason peers consider her a dedicated professional. Maribeth offers deep industry knowledge and insight designed to deliver measurable results for her clients. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Masters of Science degree from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Maribeth and her husband, Wayne, have two teen daughters who keep her on her toes. Her belief in the power of women is reflected in her two favorite shows: “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “Grace and Frankie.”

If you have a question about multi-channel marketing strategies, market research or how to deliver the best data solutions to your target audience, contact Maribeth.

Maribeth Jenkins